Capital of Pain: Srebrenica

Imagine a place, every step gives you a story under it’s soil. Imagine a place, you feel hundreds of children around you but you won’t see any. Imagine a place with young souls, they are only children, around nine teen years old.

Nine teen years ago, we witnessed the worst humanitarian crisis in Europe after WWII. Everything happened in front of the “Human Right Defenders”, “United Nations” and “Modern European Countries”. What was the result? A genocide in the safety zone of Srebrenica with all savagery!



Srebrenica is a town in the Serb entity of Bosnia-Herzegovina but we call it the “Capital of Pain”. Srebrenica was one of the safety zones declared by the United Nations. It was where the ethnic cleansing campaign done by the Serbs happened in 1992. Srebrenica had a population of 24,000 before the war but with the addition of refugees its population rise to 60,000. Hunger and disease reached the town but worse happened when Mladic came to Srebrenica.

About 600 Dutch soldiers (under Peace Corps) were commissioned to Srebrenica by United Nations. The soldiers started to gather guns from Muslims-Bosniaks. Of course the Peace Corps had a reason to gather the weapons, which was to ‘protect’ those who were in Srebrenica. But something went wrong.

When strong attacks by Serbs under the command of Mladic started, Muslims tried to recover their weapons. But they were denied by the Dutch Commander Karremans. Of course the United Nations responded with two F16 war planes over Srebrenica.

Afterwards, Commander Karremans delivered Srebrenica and the Bosniaks to the Serbs. This allowed the genocide to happen.


A video segment showed Karremans & Mladic meet, when Mladic’s Serb forces entered Srebrenica.

And another segment (with Peace Corps celebrations) with Karremans & Mladic, after Karremans delivered the Bosniaks to the Serbs.


First he talked with the refugees and told them that they were safe. He sent some to other safety zones by bus. But this hope didn’t last for the Muslims. It came time for Mladic to be in front of the camera and in one sentence, he explained everything. “Time to take revenge from Muslims,” he said.

All the husbands and sons were seperated by some of Mladic’s forces, regardless of their age. Another side gathered the women.

Mladic’s cruelty started when thousands of the innocent Bosniaks were killed in 5 days in Srebrenica. But their persecution didn’t end there. Their dead bodies were cut into pieces by the soldiers until only their bones remained. Thousands of pits were dug for the bones and body pieces to be burnt and buried.

Thousands of women witnessed the death of their husbands or children. Mladic had plans for them as well. Thousands of them were raped by his soldiers and hundreds were killed like their husbands. Hundreds killed themselves while the others learned to live with it.


Those who delivered the Bosniaks to Mladic’s forces were rewarded by the Netherlands on December 4, 2006. Henk Kamp (Former Minister of Defense) talked about their medals; “They fulfilled their duties under difficult conditions,” he said.


The body pieces are still being searching by Bosnian teams for burial. Buriel ceremonies occur every 11th July. Mothers hearts still continue to burn and Bosnians still searching for justice. War victims appear not only from Srebrenica but from every corner of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Photo: Anadolu Agency

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