Syrian crisis and Turkey

In Turkey currently live more than one million war refugees from Syria. They are workless, don’t speak the language, have experienced the pain and international help is not enough. Turkish people and government are doing everything they can in order to help them and Turkish security forces also trying to protect national borders against terrorist organizations and crisis.

Those people don’t know Turkish language and much of the population also doesn’t speak English. They are without insurance, money or citizenship (some families started take citizenship with new laws), but government agencies (usually hospitals) will provided conveniences for them. However, this is still not good enough to have a good life in Turkey.

Secondly, there is not enough of work for them. Istanbul can be a good start for a new life and many people come in the city with big hopes. Yes, language is really a huge problem here. Despite this, some people eventually find work and get a chance, but they really don’t have much of an options. Available jobs in Istanbul are usually in textile workshops – those are mostly in dangerous and hidden streets of the city. They get very small wages and they are without insurance. Life is getting more and more cruel and harder in Istanbul. –


International assistance is not enough and the Turkish government has warned this out quite a few times. Turkey wants and ask for more sensitivity of the international community. Even more! Some Western media groups are blaming Turkey, why doesn’t stop or take actions against ISIS.

For example, Ayn-el Arab showed us many things on this way. Ayn-el Arab is a Arab town in Syria but known as “Kobane” because of Kurdish population. Western media and some leaders are making dark propaganda over this town against Republic of Turkey. But this is only the proof how ignorant are they about Turkey.

Turkish Soldier

While ISIS militants were attacked Kobane town, more than 400.000 Syrian Arab-Kurdish escaped to Turkey. Turkish soldiers help to refugees has ignored by Westerns and they showed like Turkey didn’t make anything. Joined this propaganda Turkish opposite parties too. Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) and Republican People’s Party (CHP) leaders are, again, blamed government.

But everyone has ignored, that six million Syrians flee to neighboring countries. More than half million people were killed in Syria and except Turkey anyone didn’t talk about those people. (Also who is responsible with kill “civilians” in Syria, that visited by CHP’s members of parliaments in Syria. Those “liberal” members blamed Turkish government that time too but after this we watched Syrian regime’s jails with “systematically torture“. Near this red lines of United States broked many times with “chemical weapons”, this another ignored subject.)

On the same way, Turkish helps cutted to Turkmen regions in Syria by dark hands. Thousands Turkmen people were killed in Syria because of that.


Since the start of the war, Turkish government requesting help from United Nations and international community. Also request to Europe from Amnesty International, let it help Turkey, was ignored. All what leaders done, was empty promises. Turkey’s help to refugees is now over $2 billion.

Western media still blaming President Erdogan for his attitude against European Union. But they continue ignore European Union is choosing and accepting only “good people”. President Erdogan asking, “where is your humanity?” because of this and again nothing happened. Western groups are still ignoring and continuing with propaganda against President Erdogan. All this after, United Nations last proffer “send us 5 thousand refugees but must be engineers and doctors”.

When ISIS attacked Kobane, Europe and United States wanted Turkey to enter in Kobane, but they already sends war planes there under name of “US-led coalition”. Turkey have the longest border with Syria, more than one million refugees, doesn’t taking any help for them and trying to keep the economy in safe and protect borders from threats. Why Turkey must enter in Syria? Why Westerns want push Turkey in this war?


Another question why this action only for Kobane? Before months ago than Kobane attacks, same ISIS attacked Turkmen villages. And we couldn’t see any action against this. Already we can ask more question too for more than half million Syrian, who is killed in this war. President Erdogan’s words explain many things: “More than half million people killed in Syria by Assad regime, have used chemical weapons and Westerns didn’t do anything. Now, while ISIS is keeping petrol regions, all are concerned. But in fact, their worries are not human lives, all they care about is petrol”.

One question more, United States – Mexican border is one of the most dangerious border and it’s big threat for United States security. So why should Turkey declare war with Syria? Why nothing happens on Mexican border?

Human lives are more important than so called “valuable” regions. Republic of Turkey proved that but everyone are still continue to ignore this.

Photo: Anadolu Agency

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