How seeing Syriza from Turkey?

Recent Greek general election resulted in far-left party Syriza’s victory. This result had an earthquake effect on the European Union.

It is easy to promise many things but only when you make all that real, then it will add meaning to promises. If you can’t make that real, you will be lost in the political arena. We will see how Alexis Tsipras and Syriza will make these promises real in that hard situation.


Syriza’s victory was be a hope for left part in Turkey. But if you are asking me if ‘we can see a Syriza in Turkey?’, no, we can’t see. Because, Turkish left have a so interesting structure and still don’t know what they want.

Left meaning changing in Turkey with party ideologies. Already, we have a great sample for explaining this; That is Republican People’s Party.

Republican People’s Party, shorthly CHP is a so-called social democrat party in Turkey but it is different than others. They are famous with promises and losses. I think that if a leader has already lost election one time or two times in series, he must leave from leadership. Because only if you have a victory, then that word has a meaning. I couldn’t see yet any leader about this from CHP or other parties. Already, who has never been elected for years, they are still on this arena. Oddity is starting here in Turkish opposite and left block.

Strongest second left party is Peoples’ Democratic Party, shorthly HDP. Their leader Selahattin Demirtas said, ‘HDP will walk to victory like Syriza’. Can this be possible, can they really walk to victory like Syriza? I don’t think so.

HDP is also keeping their ideology under ‘social democracy’. That is a group who is merged with some communist-socialist parties and former brother party BDP (Peace and Democracy Party). HDP is successfully especially in Turkey’s South East part. Party’s ideology working over ethnic groups like Kurdish, Zaza and Assyrian.

If we must explain this shorthly, CHP and HDP’s ideologies working over some ethnic groups. Parties moves and discources prove that. They are looking like keeping all Turkey but their social-democracy understanding comes extremely in contradiction.

Because, if you want to be a real ‘social democrat’ and want to build a country under peace; you must hold everyone, not only some chosen ethnicity. I’m not an expert about ‘social democracy’ but I think, that must be like this.


I have always watched Scandinavian social democracy with admiration and one of Scandinavian countries is Sweden for explaining this. Last elections resulted in Swedish Social Democratic Party, SAP’s victory in 2014. Shortly after government was established. This government has amazing features and is trying to hold together all parts of people.

Near this, young and dynamic cabinet members stamp shoots to all Europe and world. Still it is early to wait for a big success from this new government but I think they already made a great job with this pluralist approach.

By the way, Turkish leaders’ average age is between 58 – 60.


Left block take hope with Syriza but I don’t think we will see any ‘Turkish Syriza’ because of the reasons what I wrote above. Turkish people are close to Syriza with doubts and hopes. And most important question for Turkish people; What will happen in Cyprus and Western Thrace?


Syriza want good relationships with Turkey but coalition partner Panes Kammenos is creating doubt in mind. And Syriza’s Turkish origin members from Western Thrace are giving hopes for Turkish minority. Turkish government welcomed Tsipras and they saying ‘we wish this be good for Greek people’. Turkish authorities are ready for strengthening relationships between Greece and Turkey.

Many people are thinking that anything will change in Greece but Tsipras is taking sympathy with his attitude from Turkey’s every part.


We are seeing people from every country, they are calling their name ‘leader’. They have supporters, lies and promises. So, maybe this politics games essence is feeded by lies and promises. Some leaders are writing history with their decisions and others lose in this arena, maybe they will never be remembered again.

I want to say, we will wait and see what will happen in Greece. Whoever comes to Greece’s head, I wish that will be good for Greek people. Alexis Tsipras is a new start for Greece and he is young yet. He will make mistakes but I hope he won’t forget his promises and can build a strong Greece under peace.

Photo: Anadolu Agency

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