Death came with darkness for “Khojaly”

Death came with darkness from the hills at midnight on February 25 to 26. Hundreds Azerbaijani were killed within hours, with tortures and “humanity” witnessed horrible experiments. That all lived in Karabakh’s “Khojaly”.


Aim started in Armenian Soviet Republic and Armenian government began to claim rights in Karabakh with Soviets entering the disintegration, because Karabakh’s population’s was %75 Armenian and other %25 was Azerbaijani. The reason of this population difference was Soviet politics. Against that, Karabakh region was Azerbaijani soils from international community with cultural and historic values.

But these reasons weren’t enough for Azerbaijani people, politic tension between Armenia and Azerbaijan turned into a war in short time. After that, there followed Karabakh’s independence declares from Azerbaijan with Armenian support.


Khojaly Village was a military target because of its strategic importance between Hankendi and Agdam villages in Karabakh. Also, there was the only base for an airport in this region and there it was used for base by Azerbaijani army, for this were kept heavy bombardments by Armenian forces.

After Kerkicahan was seized by Armenian powers, Khojaly took blockade and closed all the ways. There was only the airway but that way closed, too on November 20, 1991 with Armenian powers dropping a helicopter. There were killed around 20 persons of Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Russian officers and observers. Before occupying Khojaly, there was bombardment and whoever had survived that attacks said; “They clearly targeted civilians”.

There were around 11.000 Azerbaijani civilian before war and around 3.000 Azerbaijani stayed in Khojaly during massacre time.


Armenian powers entered Khojaly with involvement of the Soviet 366th Motorized Infantry Regiment on February 25, 1992 night. Houses were errupted by Armenian militia and soldiers were killed one by one. There was slain of children in their swaddling clothes, women and elderly people were slained with Serj Sargsyan’s (who is president in Armenia right now) command.

Armenian powers commander and ASALA terrorist organization’s former militia Monte Melkonian is saying on his memory:

“Around 2.000 Armenian fighters came down from the hills and compressed Azerbaijanis. Arabo’s fighters took off their knives and started stabbing them. Here I was hearing only the wind’s whistle on grass and still early for moving the smell of corpses.”

That who has joined massacre with him is saying; “Monte is leaned over corpses and whispered ‘no dicipline’, this was a vengeance activity.”


Azerbaijani documents are telling about that night; 83 children, 106 women, more than 70 elderly, 613 people were slained by Armenians. 487 people suffered severe wounds from massacre and Armenian forces took 1.275 people as hostages, more than 150 person’s fate is still uncertain from them. (Click for more picture)

Khojaly Genocide

Also bodies couldn’t be taken by Azerbaijanis for a long long time and stayed on the streets. When Azerbaijani authorities entered Khojaly, welcomed them a horrific view. Detected corpses had been burned and their eyes were carved (including pregnants and children), that views also had some pregnants babies taken off from their belly with a knife. Near this, horrible experiments had been documented over bodies.


Azerbaijani sources are telling about a book “Reanimation of our spirit” which one was published by an Armenian doctor Zori Balayan on 1996. And this book is giving a little of the savagery part, that includes description of how was the slain of a 13 year old Azerbaijani child.

Zori Balayan is looking proud of this savagery, he is telling in his book these words:

“Our soldiers tacked one 13 year old Turkish child to the window, when we entered a house which we held with Hachatur. Let the Turkish child didn’t make a lot of noise, Hachatur cut her mother’s breast and poked it into her (the child’s) mouth. Then I peeled the child’s skin from her head, chest and stomach. I looked at the clock, after 7 minutes the Turkish child died from blood lost. My spirit became proud from the joy, because I took revenge even one percent on behalf of my nation. Then Hachatur cut to pieces dead Turkish child’s body and gave it to dogs, after this we did the same action with 3 Turkish children. I performed my duty as an Armenian patriot.”


The article features an interview of famous journalist, author of “Black Garden” book Thomas de Waal, with the Armenian President Serj Sargsyan who said “Before Khojali, the Azerbaijanis thought that they were joking with us, they thought that the Armenians were people who could not raise their hand against the civilian population. We were able to break that. And that’s what happened.”


This year is Khojaly Massacre’s 23th anniversary and pain is still fresh. Saide Alekberova, who has survived from massacre told Anadolu Agency:

“Weather was so cold and there was snow. We passed a river with 9 persons, that was like ice and we entered a forest. Our aim was to go to Agdam region but we couldn’t because, we didn’t know the way. We waited in the forest till morning and tried to escape but Armenian soldiers took us captive. A young soldier wanted to help us, he was slain there by Armenians. They closed a ward with 80 women and children. Another ward next to ours had men. They tortured us and took young girls from their mothers for rape. Anyone couldn’t resist. I can’t find words against what I saw, that words not enough for describing that cruelty. There were everywhere only screams. Not only Armenians, but also Russian tank soldiers tortured us, too. I witnessed women taken near their husbands and they hit pregnants’ belly with their guns. They cut a young’s head and woman’s breast in front of my eyes. There was slain of a child’s father in front of her eyes by them. They slained boys for if they wanted to take revenge when they grew up.”


United Nations and Western countries didn’t show seriously a reaction for what happened in Khojaly. This attitude causes acceleration of Armenian powers that occupy in Karabakh. This war continued until 1994 between Azerbaijan and Armenia but still no solution has been found. Near this, Armenian soldiers’ provocative activities against Azerbaijan are taking every month tens Azerbaijanis life.

Azerbaijani and Turkish resources are used in this article*

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