Who wanna say to them “Happy Women’s Day”?

Zoi Dalaklidou was 33 years old, who worked in Thessaloniki. She just wanted to see her family for Christmas in 2012’s last days and came to Xanthi.

She was followed by a devil step by step and concentrated near a building entrance. That monster tried to rape her, beat for breaking her resistance. She tried to stop him but couldn’t and he did this, he raped her and became a murderer.

He saw a motorcycle and put its oil all over Zoi. She was still taking breath and that monster burned her there.

Zoi Dalaklidou

Did she scream? How was she scared? We don’t know this but anyone didn’t hear (!) her screaming.


Started a hate fire in the middle of the 2012 in Myanmar’s Arakan region against Rohingya people. These events were ignored by the whole world for a long time and terrible things had been made during that period. Followed this massacres village by village, anyone didn’t stop those killers. And a report came on April 2013, that said Rohingya’s women are in a military camp and under violence. That report said, women are being raped by soldiers.

This was also ignored from the whole world, we didn’t hear anything about that except from some reports. And we all forgot what happened there, we didn’t make a research. We couldn’t fight.


Rohingya women are still in a hard situation. Most of them lose their family members, some trying to live with their kids. Mothers are still crying in refugee camps and we are still ignoring them.


We heard a virus name on 2014. Most interesting is the fact that we prefer to ignore that virus until we heard its Spanish victim priest Miguel Pajares name. But already until that time the number of victims reached thousands.

And finally world reacted with a sign of life, we sent more help to West African countries who were affected by Ebola. Our journalists entered houses, they saw people how they died in pain.

Ebola - Liberia

How much women died there and did we remember them? We can never take them back but others? Their sons, daughters waiting for help and looking for their mothers. Maybe we can’t celebrate Ebola’s women victims “Women’s Day” but we can give them a gift.

Don’t forget, who stayed back from them, they are escrow for all of us.


Reyhaneh… We heard her name before she died. She just tried to stop the one who attacked her, she just protected herself and declared guilty by so-called justice. She was smart and beautiful, she had dreams, she wanted a life in happiness and she didn’t dream an end like this…

Reyhaneh Jabbari

Her mother’s tears did never stop after she was taken jail. She cut her beautiful hair and was punished because of this by “justice”. Finally that day came and Reyhaneh left us with that justice’s rope.

She told on her letter to mother,

“Dear Sholeh, don’t cry for what you are hearing. On the first day in the police office when an old unmarried agent hurt me for my nails I understood that beauty is not looked for in this era. The beauty of looks, beauty of thoughts and wishes, a beautiful handwriting, beauty of the eyes and vision, and even beauty of a nice voice.”


Tugce Albayrak, who was attacked in Offenbach, Germany on November 15 when she went to help two women. She was 22 years old and came from a Turkish family who were immigrants in Germany in the 1970’s. She had dreams like Reyhaneh and others. She just wanted to protect two foreign girls with her brave heart.

Tugce Albayrak

She left us November 28, 2014 and teached us how brave a girl can be, she teached us something important like how we can be “one”. Her mother’s heart is still burning from the pain.


Kayla Jean Mueller was an American human rights activist and humanitarian aid worker from Prescott, Arizona. She was taken captive in August 2013 in Aleppo, Syria.

Media had long reported that a 26-year-old American aid worker was being held by the ISIS terrorist organization. Mueller had been in ISIS custody for 18 months. US Government told that, they tried many times to rescue her but they couldn’t be successfully.

Kayla Mueller

On February 10, 2015, Mueller’s family announced ISIS had confirmed her death to them in an e-mail, with three photographs of her dead body.

She just wanted to provide help to Syrian people and came to this soils from far away lands for humanity.


Ozgecan Aslan, who was attacked, attempted to being raped, barbarically killed and burned by a monster with his two devil accomplices on February, 2015.

Ozgecan was 20 years old, she was a student who was studying psychology. She just wanted to go home after school and rode a minibus. Her phone was damaged, she sent a message from her friend to her mother; “I’m on my way”. She has stayed alone for some minutes in the minibus. And then that monster changed the route and locked the doors. She reacted to him but it was too late, he stopped the minibus in a silent place and attacked Ozgecan. She was scared, tried to stop that monster but she couldn’t.

Ozgecan Aslan

That devil said with his expression; “I couldn’t rape her, she resisted. Her nails hurt me and I stabbed her neck and afterwards I beated her with a jemmy.” He told his father and his friend to help him eliminating Ozgecan’s body. He tells, “We cut her hands (she was still wheezing) because, her nails were on my face and I thought my DNA stayed on her hand.” And that monsters burned Ozgecan’s body near Tarsus town.


Lindsay Brown Holbrook, who was killed during the first week of March, 7 days before “International Women’s Day”.

Lindsay Brown Holbrook

Lindsay’s body was found inside her apartment on March’s first day of 2015 in Utah State, US. She was a 32 year old mother, who was killed by a married man before stealing her credit cards and car. Police found her body inside her apartment and after a while her car in a hit-and-run.

Who stayed on back, said “Lindsay was a loving mother, amazing aunt, wonderful sister, and she had an incredible sense of humor. She is loved by a lot of people and will be greatly missed.”


Srebrenica and Khojaly, two brother towns and bridge from Balkan to Caucasia with pain. Started a bloody war on March, 1992 and then there followed some massacres which took place in former Yugoslavija soils Bosnia-Herzegovina. February, 1995 turned dark with massacres on Azerbaijani soils Karabakh. These massacres turned into genocides in front of United Nations and the whole world just watched.



After years, hearts of mothers on Bosnian and Azerbaijani soils are still burning. After years, they are still searching for bodies of sons and daughters. The most painful thing is that, the whole world is still ignoring all and whoever is responsible for that cruelty.

September, 2001, Afghanistan war started and followed that Iraq war on March, 2003. Since those days, hundreds of thousands innocents were killed on those soils. Most of them had been children and women. Hundreds of thousands people lives were pushed into refugee camps. Hundreds of thousands women were raped during these wars. Hundreds of thousands women lost their lifes in clashes and bomb attacks.

Anne Smedinghoff

One of them Anne Smedingoff except hundreds of thousands Afghan, who was a young American diplomat in Afghanistan and killed in a terror attack on April, 2013.

That terror took place also on years in Pakistan and fall strong a fire to Pakistani mothers heart on December, 2014.

Born “freedom” request with Arap Spring in North Africa and Middle East. Following this period started Syrian “Blood Spring” on March, 2011. More than 300.000 people were killed since that day. This war born a new terrorist organization, that is called “ISIS”. They were more than a terror, we watched terrible events until this minute and this still continues. Assyrian, Yazidi, Kurdish, Turkmen, Arabic (…) from every ethnicity, we lost our brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, fathers and mothers with this terror on Syrian and Iraqi soils.


Similar a terrorist organization continues activities on African soils. That is Boko Haram, who have burned a village and killed 2000 innocents. That numbers are everyday growing more and more. Most important is that we still watch and then I’m asking, how much more?


Gaza City, an open air jail for Israel. Israeli Government’s terror hitting Gaza on every opportunity. This must be really hard to be women in Gaza I think, when a mother loses all children of her. She doesn’t bury her sons or daughters to soil, she buries her whole body to Gaza’s little soils. When new Israel guns are hitting for test over Gaza, these women are being armor to Gaza children.

Gaza Children

Be women in Gaza must be really hard… To build a life after every destruction in front of her eyes, after burying her husband to arid soils of Gaza. Be women in Gaza must be really hard because, by making bread from stone how can it be easy for feeding her daughters and sons? Children can’t sleep under gun voices, how can she tell that a lullaby? Be women in Gaza must be really hard I think, that sleepless nights for don’t losing her children if an Israeli bomb targets the house of her.

Gaza Mother

Another, if you think that houses have already been destroyed, keeping her children warm must be really hard on cold days.


Tell me now, who wanna say to them “Happy Women’s Day”?


My mother teached me an Hadith, when she told me about women. That saying, “Heaven under mother’s feet” and she teached, that every daughter and sister will be a mother someday.

Women are not goods or slaves for man, women are not a vehicle for revenge or a toy for war games. Women mean is life and who is using violence against them or killing a woman, that can’t be a “man”.

Journalists - Maria Colvin, Mika Yamamoto, Anja Niedringhaus

Maria Colvin, Mika YamamotoAnja Niedringhaus women journalists who are killed in Syria and Afghanistan

I remember all victims of violence women, children and all with respect and prayers around. My God bless their souls. Also they are only who are heard, we still have more than them women under violence around us. I wish, no more pain. I hope we can stop this hate and we can scream that someday all together in really peace…

“Happy International Women’s Day!”

Photos: AP, AFP, AA, Reuters and others

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