Dark part of 1915: Genocide against Turks and Kurds

I wrote before about these events, but that was only about relocation law on 1915. This time I will try to show what happened on the other side, how many Muslims were killed during these events.

Usually this part is being ignored by whom is speaking about 1915 from West and Armenia. Armenia refuses that all, but Turkey is always talking with documents and puts evidence reveals.

By the way, I came across with many documents and some people about these events. They are all talking about how Ottomans are good and reliable about archivists. So, if countries and researches trust Ottoman archives, why are they still ignoring all that?


Ataturk University, Turkish – Armenian Relationships Research Center’s Professor Erol Kurkcuoglu gave a reportage during the last days. He spoke about how many Muslim Turks and Kurds were killed in East and South East part of Turkey by Armenian gangs. This center’s researches started in 1986 around Erzincan and Erzurum cities, followed these cities Van, Igdir, Ardahan and Kars.

Time and founds showed as concerns these events terrible dimensions one more time from Turkish side. Kurkcuoglu is saying: “519 thousands Muslim Turks and Kurds were killed here. Researchers and documents are showing, massacres lived against Turks and Kurds. Who have been killed here, they were civilian people, those people didn’t have anything to do with war. When Russians leaved with Bolshevik revolution from this region, Armenian cruelty started. Everyone knows about what they did here.”

Erol Kurkcuoglu

Kurkcuoglu continues with evidences and he is talking about his researches on Russian archives. These documents have records about a Russian soldier, Lieutenant Colonel Twerdo Khlebov. He is saying, “His diary and telgraphs are showing this cruelty so clear.”

Kurkcuoglu is showing to reporters some parts from Khlebov’s diary, that Russian is telling here: “Armenians coming to me and saying in honor how they killed 3 thousand Muslim Turks and Kurds in Karskapi region on February 27. And when I talked to them about the killing of innocent people, ‘it is a savagery’, they told me ‘you are Russian, you can’t understand us’.”

And he is saying, “We are seeing he is talking with sadness about a telgraph, ‘Take me from duty in Erzurum, this is not looking possible to stay quiet about Armenian gangs massacres against innocent Turks and Kurds’. He has English, French and Turkish writes, too on his diary”


Kurkcuoglu is saying, “185 mass graves were detected in East and South East part of Turkey. We detected civilian massacres especially in Diyarbakir, Mus, Bitlis, Van, Erzurum, Erzincan, Kars, Ardahan, Igdir, Trabzon, Kilis, Adana, Osmaniye, Antep, Bayburt cities. Also 519 thousand of victims records are on archives.”

Genocide against Turks

He is continuing, “Reports about civilian massacres were demonstrated in Paris Conference in 1919. Village by village, town by town all victims were recorded. Erzurum city has experienced the largest massacres. Because this place has always been a target city by Russians and Armenians. Three times entered Russian occupy. Archives are saying that especially in Erzurum and Van cities were killed 95 thousand people by Armenian gangs. This following with Kars (17 thousand), Igdir (15 thousand), Erzincan (13 thousand), Diyarbakir (12 thousand), Mus (10 thousand) and more… Around 519 thousand victims were killed by Armenian gangs.”

Kurkcuoglu is saying, “Ataturk University researchers and Turkish – Armenian Relationships Research Center researches were demonstrated since 1986, genocide happened against Muslim Turks and Kurds. And Ottoman and Russian archives are showing that these massacres center was Erzurum City.”


Except for Muslim Turk victims, I need to remind what happened in 1915 about Armenians in Ottoman. Has the relocation law been a genocide?

Ottoman Empire took a decision on May 27, 1915 and put this decision into action on June 1, 1915. This was called ‘Tehcir Kanunu’, ‘Relocation Law’ or ‘Armenian Relocation’. This law aimed, to take measures against anti-government activities, keep away from war regions and protect Armenian citizens. Ottoman archives are telling 422.758, American archives, on the other side, are telling 486.000 Armenians moved to other places on this period.

Armenian diaspora’s claims are telling, that they lived a genocide on this period but diaspora is giving contradictory numbers about this event. Ottoman archives are telling, last population counting happened in 1914 in Ottoman Empire. Documents are telling about 1.221.850 Armenians living on Ottoman soils in 1914 counting (around 1.250.000 in 1915). Also, archive documents are telling about who is working in Ottoman banks, government buildings, army (…) they continued their work and didn’t move to other places.

Ottoman Map - 1914

Armenian diaspora is telling that about more than 1.500.000 Armenians died in 1915. With this claim a question is born in our minds, that period lived 1.250.000 people and there only moved 420-500 thousands of people. How could have died 1.500.000 people?


Here Turkiye Newspaper writer and researcher Irfan Ozfatura reminds of the relocation law and is talking about Armenian terrorist organizations who were supported by Russia, Britain and France. Ozfatura is saying, “Armenians commemorate day for so-called genocide anniversary April 24 is the day 234 terrorists that were caught red-handed. Dashnak, Hunchak and Ramgavar members of these terrorists had between officers, ministers, too and they were held in custody this day. Near this on the quests were found thousands of weapons in their houses and offices.”

He is continuing, “Near this, on some terrorist released on investigation, more than 50 terrorists exiled to Syria but don’t have information about how or if they have been punished with death sentences. If Ottoman had wanted to kill or excuse for a genocide against Armenians, this could have been so easy. But Ottoman didn’t do this and just tried to move Armenians to safety regions with relocation law.”

Ottoman archives are telling not only about Armenians. Archives have records about how many people were killed and are shorthly explaining this tradegy, “More than 2 million Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Kurdish, Turkish and Armenian Ottoman Citizens were killed during Armenian gangs attacks and World War I until 1918.”


During 1973 came out a new terrorist organization, it is called ‘Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia’, shortly the ASALA. Marxist-Leninist terrorist organizaton started activities under ‘Armeanian Nationalism’. Mostly target has been Turkey and Azerbaijan. Also took active role in Karabakh occupation.

ASALA terror started serial murders against Turkish diplomats, first victims have been Turkey’s Los Angeles Consul General Mehmet Baydar and Consul Bahadir Dermir. More than 40 diplomats around the world were killed by ASALA’s terror attacks and Western countries forgot so fast about the Turkish victims on their soils.

Turkish diplomats

Another part has been Karabakh and Khojaly for Armenia and ASALA terror. Hundreds Azerbaijani civilian were killed on terrible ways, these massacres passed under ‘ethnic cleansing’ on OSCE reports but Armenian government didn’t see any sanction about this. Near this all the world knows about who commanded these massacres on Azerbaijani soils against civilians; ‘President Serzh Sargsyan’.


Turkey and Azerbaijan’s ‘justice search’ still continues, but world still continues to being ignorant of these countries pains and continues to look only from one side. Also, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan‘s calls can’t find any answer from the other side. Near this, some parts look at him as if he was against Armenians. No, please don’t diversion Erdogan’s words without research. Also Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu‘s steps added to these calls, too in a friendly way. Under all this friendly calls shadow Serzh Sargsyan’s attitude and steps against Turkey are showing that, what is going on about these events it is all an action against Republic of Turkey.

How can be explained on the other way what we are living here? Turkey call for impartial, a clean research and opening all archives about events. Near this, calls about a future together in friendship and other part always escape. We did our best to build a future together, time to self criticism and why these parts who are escaping and blames are only put on Turkey.

Also, I see only people who are speaking on rich chairs around the world. They are talking about Armenians and how they want a great Armenia. Did anybody hear about Gyumri in Armenia? Did anybody hear about life in Armenia? How are people living there? How many people went to Armenia from who is speaking right now about Armenians? I am hearing many things about those people but this comes not from whom is talking about their nation. Who is saying how they are perfect.

Azerbaijan and Armenia border have clashes every month. Armenian sabotage teams, Armenian powers attacks against Azerbaijani soldiers. Why these Armenian powers always try to violate something and want to kill some Azerbaijani? Lastly a young sergent was killed in this border, his name is Sahmurad Alizade. Did anyone hear about him? No! Really, why is world ignoring this lives? Azerbaijanian and Turkish victims are ‘human’ too.


Lastly I want to remind about an Armenian soldier, who has escaped from Armenian army and refuge to Azerbaijani army. His name is Andranik Grigoryan, he is 24 years old. He was soldier who was called to army in 2012, he is saying he escaped and refuge to Azerbaijani army on March, 22. Azerbaijani soldiers welcomed him in international law.

Grigoryan is saying on his reportage, “I do not want to be the next victim of their dirty games. The horrific conditions in Nagorno-Karabakh, indiscipline in military units, lack of ammunition, shortage of food and medicine, conflict between the local Armenians and Armenian Armenians, officers’ bad attitude towards the soldiers and ensigns, disorder have worn me out. There are a lot of people tired of living in such conditions and wanting to cross to Azerbaijan like me.”


Really, what is going on this soils? Why does the world still continue to ignore somethings?

Photos: Anadolu Agency and others

Turkish MFA and Turkish Armed Forces resources are used in this article*

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