The price of “democracy”

Egypt’s first elected president with democratic ways Mohamed Morsi is death sentenced today by coup court. Who has spoken about democracy until now, they have stayed quiet against coup and after they leaved alone to Morsi. Now, we are seeing them with coup leader Abdulfattah al Sisi, who has come to head with so-called independent election.

Also, who are calling themselves “democrat”, they are shaking hands with that subversive. One of them Francois Hollande, the president of the cradle of democracy. I don’t know what would say to that Greek leaders, if that great people saw to them from Ancient Greek, who have written democracy history. I can’t say anything about Spanish king Felipe, what can a king say for democracy?


Mohamed Morsi with full name Muhammad Mursi İsa al-Ayyat was born in Sharqia on August 8, 1951. He has started his education in Sharqia and studied engineering in Cairo University. He completed his PhD in South Carolina University in 1984 and he has been associate professor in Northridge California University in 1985. Morsi turned to Egypt and he began his academic studies in Zagazig University.

His politics career which moved him to presidency, started in 2000 with Muslim Brotherhood Movement. Muslim Brotherhood was forbidden for entering election in Egypt, because of this he entered election, as well independent candidate. He entered parliament and has been MP between 2000 – 2005.


Morsi supported opposite in 2011 revolution against Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. Morsi was elected for head of Freedom and Justice Party, which party is found by Muslim Brotherhood. He has been candidate in 2012 for presidency. He has taken %25,5 votes on first round and elected for presidency on second round with %51,73 votes. Morsi has been the first president for Egypt, who is elected with democratic ways. Also he is fifth president for Egypt.


Morsi made his first official visit to Saudi Arabia on July 10, 2012. He has wanted to improve relationships and this meant “Hosni Mubarak era ended”. Near this, Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabia’s relationships have never been good. This is because Saudi governments Vahhabi values are different than Muslim Brotherhood values.

Qatar and Muslim Brotherhood’s relationships shadow, he has tried to build new ties with Qatar. He has been succesfull with Muslim Brotherhood support, Qatar made an explain for 2 billion $ aid after he had declared his cabinet on August 12, 2012. Near this some Qatari bussiness regions promised for investments in Egypt about 10 billion $.

Turkish President Erdogan and Morsi’s friendship is known very well. Morsi joined a rally against Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria on June 15, 2012. He has declared his support to Syrian opposite, Morsi called for no fly zone in Syria and more support to opposite. President Erdogan is still saying for no fly zone in Syria.


Morsi wanted good ties with Iran and for this he tried to improve relationships between the two countries. But sect clashes didn’t give much chance for this improvement, he was criticized because of this by his supporters, too. He visited Russia on April 2013 and wanted better relationships with Russia for Egypt’s economy.

He has given opened support to Hamas and Palestinians, he has sent a letter to periods Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres. He has used a political and friendly language in his letter, also this was a polite warning to Israel. Moved big aids to Gaza from Egypt on Morsi’s presidency, border doors were opened for Palestinians. Also, before coup, Gaza walls had only two faces; Erdogan and Morsi.


Actions against Morsi have started on June 30, 2013 and followed this Egyptian Army’s warning to Morsi. Presidency published a message and warned army about a chaos situation in Egypt. This didn’t mean anything, army made coup on July 3, 2013. Egyptians democracy demand ended with this.

I was talking with an Egyptian after coup, he has told about how bad Morsi is. And I just told him, “You want democracy and fighting for this, you are going to revolution and breakdown a dictator. Then coming to head a president with %51 votes, who came with democratic way. First say me, how can a country change in one year? Also, we know Egypt got out from a chaos. This will not be easy to change a country if one doesn’t have anything. If you will not like to results, why do you want democracy? Or what does democracy mean for you?”


I couldn’t take any answer about this. By the way, similar events lived in Turkey before Egyptian coup, that were Gezi Park events. That was a game against Erdogan and Morsi.

After coup border doors closed, Hamas is added to terror list by coup government and Israeli powers killed thousands of people in Gaza on August 2014. That new dictator Sisi just watched and didn’t make anything. There turned to be more big Gaza’s tragedy. Also, Morsi’s aids to Gaza added law suits by coup court. How funny a question can be to a leader, this law suit showed us: “Why you help to Gaza?”


Turkish citizens showed their support to Egyptians and Morsi with protests all over Turkey. Turkish people remembered Sayyid Qutb (who was killed by Egyptian government in 1966) and Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna (who was killed on a assassination in 1949). They called because of this “We will not let you to victimise him” for Mohamed Morsi. Near Turkish televions and newspapers published a poem on months, that was “My brother, you are free”.

Turkish people took big harms from coups, because of this they have stayed against coups in Egypt. Because Turkish former Prime Minister Adnan Menderes is still on minds, that who was killed by coup on 1960s. That is why people asked for democracy to West, they are still angry and that is why they can not trust Westerns words. This so-called “demoracy”, support coups and coming with bombs.


Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak cleared by coup leader Sisi’s justice, he was sentenced to imprisonment for three years. Then he will be free and Egypt’s first president who was elected with democratic ways, he is sentenced to death on May 16, 2015. They are forgetting something, “One Morsi dies, thousands Morsi will be born”, like how one Menderes died and thousands Menderes were born. Other side this will pass to history page, as well shame and we will not forget about the cruelties.

We are seeing the price of “democracy” is death sentences for Egypt. How will we believe them again?

Photos: Associated Press and others

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