Barbarity in the middle of civilization

Thousands of people struggle for survival since days in ships on sea. Some countries told and showed, they made their duty and rescued those people but crisis does not end. And who told they made their duty and rescued, the same countries build an iron wall in front of other ships with warships.

We have backstage too, there exists more than only ships. There is existing a big barbarity and this cruelty is growing everyday more. Many people can say to us “big and beautiful temples”, when we ask them “Myanmar”. They will say how their culture is amazing and beautiful but… What is happening on the other side? What’s going on in south? Did we hear the voice of Rohingya?


Rohingya people are struggling for live in Myanmar’s (also known Burma) Arakan (also known Rakhine) and they are Muslims an ethnic group in Myanmar. Muslims started to move to Myanmar under British rule in colonies in 1869 and this number steadily increased until World War II. Further waves of immigration occurred after Burmese independence in 1948 and violent separation of East Pakistan in 1971.

Rohingya 1

British governance after started cruelty under Buddhist junta for Rohingya Muslims in 1978. Amnesty according, thousands of people fled to Bangladesh for getting rid of cruelty against Muslims.


Myanmar accepted a new constitution in 1982 and with this constitution took Rohingya Muslims all rights from their hands. They have moved to camps and named “stateless”, started rules only for them and their marriages were forbidden. Myanmar government declared that it will not give citizenship to new born babies on those soils and they also put a limit on Muslims children, “every couple could have only 2 children”.

Indonesia Rohingya Boat People

Human rights organizations draw attention about law, economic and social discrimination for Rohingya people. Who has fled Bangladesh, some of them turned back to Myanmar with United Nations’ help but human rights violations still continued. Except “world”, regional countries also ignored and still ignore this tragedy. Thousands Arakanese have drowned in Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea, they wanted only “freedom”.

Ten of thousands Arakanese fled to Thailand in years, created for them 9 camps on Myanmar-Thailand border. That camps’ population was around 110.000 in 2009. Help foundations have done good jobs on that period but couldn’t be enough, near this some events have overtaken to these events. One of that, 190 Arakanese abandonment on sea by Thai soldiers after tortures.

Myanmar Trafficking Rohingya

2012 moved cruelty to another window, started an insurgency in Arakan and hundreds of Muslims were killed during these events by Buddhists. Those are cruelest events, people were burned alive on streets, many people were brutally murdered. Arakanese houses and stores burned, thousands were forced to flee from their soils.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu visited Rohingya people as well foreign minister on August 2012. Turkish Red Crescent and Humanitarian Relief including, Turkish authorities activities continued since those days for Arakanese.

Here is a video from Davutoglu’s visits, there is no comment…

Against all this cruelty, “Nobel Peace Prize” winner Buddhist leader Dalai Lama and another “Nobel Peace Prize” winner, “democracy activist” and politic leader Aung San Suu Kyi didn’t react with any serious action.


A website which has been found by volunteer journalists, that published a report about Rohingya women. Buddhists’ cruelties near, Myanmar armys activities against Arakanese peoples froze the blood. That reports claim about camps by army and abuse to Arakanese girls. Assed Baig from one of that volunteer journalists told about those girls horrible story, they were sex slaves and were raped in those camps. Also who have survived from them, they confirm these claims.


I can’t say any word about children, they are the most innocent actor in this tradegy. Hundreds of mothers lost their babies on their laps, some of them died because of hunger and that innocents still melting between their mothers arms.

Rohingya 2


This tragedy turned a “window of opportunity” for human traffickers, lastly a Malaysian noticed a camp in Songkhla in Malaysia-Thailand border. Found 32 Arakanese buried bodies on this camp, border police and forensic experts as a result of investigations.

Thai newspaper Bangkok Post wrote about this Arakanese. Newspaper told that people died because of hunger and diseases, when they were waiting for move to Malaysia by human traffickers. Also, Human Rights Watch’s Asia Assistant Director Philip Robertson told; “I didn’t be suprised about bodies, because many Arakanese on this region struggle for survival in camps. Most of them were kidnapped by human traffickers and were pinched with hunger. After this bodies, government will not ignore this situation anymore.”


Thailand’s junta leader Prayuth Chan-ocha promised to punish those who were responsible for that. After this explanation some officers from Thai security forces were detained.

This is too sad but tragedy is growing everyday more in Thailand, forensic experts investigations revealed more big “mass graves” in Songkhla region. Also, this not only for Thailand-Malaysia border, world can stay face to face with modern history’s worst humanitarian crisis.


Last week boats with refugees from Arakan and Bangladesh came to Indonesian coasts. Hundreds of people were rescued by Indonesian authorities, followed this another tragedy. Some captains abandoned their boats with refugees on the sea, some of them were rescued. On the other side, Indonesia including Malaysia and Thailand took measures against refugees with “warships”.

United Nations Commissaire Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein is saying, “6 thousands refugees are still on sea by Arakan and Bangladesh. Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia’s attitude against refugees and their push this hopeless people to stay on sea terrified me.”

Some reports from Indonesia, are saying about sending those Arakanese back to Myanmar. Against this, I can’t forget these Arakanese words; “I prefer to be killed by Indonesian but I don’t want to turn to Myanmar”.

How much more will we ignore Myanmar’s cruelty against those people? How much more savagery must we see? When will this barbarity end in the middle of civilization? When will we hear the voice of Rohingya?

Photos: Anadolu Agency, Associated Press and Reuters

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