“For the sake of a crescent, many suns are sinking now…”

Sometime you can’t give all feelings when you translate something from Turkish to another language. Usually it will not be totally the same but who will read its origin, then he will change his mind, I am sure. Because of this, firstly, I am sorry for potential mistakes on these sentences; “for the sake of a crescent, many suns are sinking now…”

Şehit 4

This comes from Turkish national poet Mehmet Akif Ersoy’s poem for Gallipoli martyrs. That means many things for Turkish people and it will never be old.


A stouthearted slain in a treacherous ambush, in front of his family by PKK terrorists in Mus province on July 27. He was a gendarmerie commander in Mus’s Malazgirt. Kulaksiz was a loved soldier by local people in region and he was known for his tolerance. His car malfunctioned that day when he was with his family on the road. After a short time terrorists attacked, that was an ambush. Kulaksiz’s wife was injured but he was a martyr there.

Şehit 3

Arslan Kulaksiz’s wife Sibel Kulaksiz told on the funeral, “My lion was a martyr, he was like a lion like his name, as well. He went near our Probhet. He is near him now. I wish my Allah gives this change to everyone… We will not give permition for they (enemies) laugh at us. They will not laugh! More lions will come. He is my lion, he is this nation’s lion.”

Şehit 1

She continued, “This adhans will not end and this flag will not fall. My Allah took you to how beautiful a place. You (she is calling her husband) took his (Allah’s) mercy. Rest in peace my stouthearted. One Arslan will go but one thousand Arslan will come.”


Sibel Kulaksiz spoke about that night after two days and told about what happened, “They waylay for us. They also can’t afford doing it in another way. He was like a lion like his name, as well. He was strong, he was stouthearted. They were afraid of him. They fired and he was shoot. From heart, how many times be a martyr my Arslan? He covered his body to me. I was shot to from my arm. But he protected me. They were afraid of my stouthearted.”

Şehit 2

She is saying, “He didn’t want to leave from here and he handed his duty here one year more. He warned all his soldiers of attacks with the last events, his soldiers were like his sons. We are proud, we will stay strong. Because we know that there will come ten of thousands lions like him.”


After Arslan Kulaksiz, another martyr report came from Diyarbakir. Police official Mehmet Uyar was attacked in Diyarbakir’s Cinar by PKK terrorists and he was a martyr there. Reports are telling he stopped his car, so as to help a citizen during his patrol. Terrorists made another ambush and fired him with long-barreled weapons. He was a martyr there, one citizen was also killed in the same way fired by terrorists.

Şehit 5

Diyarbakir police chief Halis Bogurcu told, more than 20 shells were around that place. Mehmet Uyar’s father said, “He was preparing turn to Manisa (fatherland). We waited him and his funeral came”.

Şehit 6

Mehmet Uyar’s police wife Nedime Uyar is pregnant four months old, she joined the funeral with a t-shirt… That hurt one more time all Turkey’s heart.


And July 31, we woke up again with bad news… This time was addressed Adana province’s Pozanti. PKK terrorists attacked a police office in Pozanti, two officials were martyrs on the first fire. Their names were Isa Ipek and Serdar Kazar. Two terrorists were killed in short time by security forces.

Şehit 8

Şehit 11

Şehit 9

We all watched two more funerals during the day with heartbreak. Isa Ipek’s two months old daughter was on his police friend’s arm. His four year old daughter was there, too. She hold his coffin and cried. His wife, we don’t have any words for her…

Şehit 7

Şehit 10


Since days I am so angry, I am sad… I can’t stop my thoughts about that beautiful people who entered pits but I know they are in beautiful places now. That is hurting me who stayed on back but I am not saying this for making happy to that ideology, who slained them. This is for showing them, because we will never forget our martyrs. We will never forget what happened to them but they are, who did this… They will never find peace, they never will be remembered.

There are more heroes than we gave in one week,

July 20, soldier Musellim Unal (was killed after HDP leader Selahattin Demirtas “armed” call, also PKK leader made Cemil Bayik same call before attacks)

Şehit 12

July 22, police officials Feyyaz Yumusak and Okan Acar (they were killed at their home on “sleep” by PKK terrorists)

Şehit 12

July 23, sergeant Yalcin Nane (was killed near Syrian border on ISIS attack. Turkish Air Force bombed ISIS and who claims Turkey helping ISIS, they changed minds and told this time “government want war”, “no war”, “don’t push Turkey to war” like opposite newspaper Cumhuriyet)

Şehit 13

Şehit 15

July 23, police official Tansu Aydin (he was a traffic police, PKK terrorists call police to event place like there is supposed to have taken place an “accident” but that was a ambush)

Şehit 16

Tansu Aydin’s Vietnamese wife…

Şehit 16

July 25, sergeants Ismail Yavuz and Mehmet Kocak (were killed in a bomb attack by PKK)

Şehit 18

Şehit 17

July 26, police official Muhammet Fatih Sivri (was killed in DHKP-C protest. Istanbul police chief Selami Altinok told about him “I would have preferred to be a martyr instead of Sivri”)

Şehit 17

July 27, gendarmerie commander Arslan Kulaksiz (was killed in PKK ambush)

Şehit 18

July 28, sergeant Ziya Sarpkaya (was killed in PKK ambush. He was in civilian clothes and was killed “from back” in front of an ATM, when he was speaking with his father on the phone.)

Şehit 21

July 29, police official Mehmet Uyar (was killed in PKK ambush)

Şehit 22

July 30, lieutenant Ibrahim Tanriverdi, soldiers Hamza Yildirim and Kagan Kandemir (were killed in PKK ambush. They were on their way to protect other soldiers who were coming from holiday)

Şehit 23

Şehit 22

Şehit 24

July 31, police officials Isa Ipek and Serdar Kazar (were killed in PKK ambush).

Şehit 26

Photos: Anadolu Agency, AP, IHA and DHA

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