Israeli elections and Palestine’s future

London based Al Arabi 21’s Palestinian journalist Izzadeen Ahmad shared last devolopments about Israeli-Palestinian relations and Israel elections. Ahmad told, there is no difference between rightish and leftish Israeli parties. He is also draw attention about Israelis attitude for corruption bills against Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israeli elections how will effect Palestinians?

“The Israeli elections will affect the Palestinians by determining the form of the new government. This government will continue the confiscation of the Palestinian rights. There is no different between the Israeli governments for the Palestinian people. The only question here is what are the tools , the right or the left governments, will use to cause more violations for the the Palestinian people. In this context, we should remember that many massacres committed against Palestinians were carried out by governments led by the Israeli Labor party.”

Can Netanyahu realize his promises? Especially about West Bank and Gaza.

“It’s obvious that Netanyahu is given a green light by the American right wing’s administration. He will not hesitate to implement his promises and plans in light of the regional and international situation, which does nothing for the Palestinians. The only capable thing of thwarting Netanyahu’s plans is the Palestinian resistance. Also if the Palestinian achieve a real capable unity to confronting the Israeli extremist government.”

Why international community quiet about Israeli violence against Palestinians? Israeli authorities defends some operations as counterterrorism but it’s looks like a collective punishment.

“The international community is in the horror by the aggressiveness of the current US administration to support Israel regardless of it’s crimes and violations. In fact, the Trump administration itself, is practicing another kind of crimes against the Palestinians that benefit Israel. As the recognition recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and the recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Golan. Unfortunately, there will be no international action capable of supporting the Palestinians under the current world order, moreover the continued US intervention using Veto power. Israel is taking collective punishment against the Palestinians neglecting the international laws. Besides that Israel considers the resistance of the Palestinians to thedaily violations of its soldiers as terrorism. As long as Israel get away with it crimes unpunished, they will continue to terrorize the Palestinians.”


Izzadeen Ahmad

What Israelis thinking about Netanyahu really? We know there is still some corruption cases.

“What we see during the last Israeli elections, proves that Israeli society’s attitudes are determined by the level of hostility toward the Palestinians. Despite the corruption cases surrounding Netanyahu, the Israelis gave him a fifth term. This did not happen to any previous Israeli leader. Netanyahu’s basic propaganda was based on continued aggression toward the land and people in Palestine, so the Israeli voter gave him his voice.”

Is Israel likely to wage a new war against the Palestinians?

“The aggression is continues and has not stopped, what can we call the continued siege of two million people in Gaza? What can we call the continued confiscation of Palestinian land, so the building of more settlements? What can we call the daily Israeli attacks on Islamic and Christian sanctities in occupied Jerusalem? The Israeli aggression against the Palestinians has not ceased since the international community granted Israel the right to a state on the Palestinian land.”

What would you say about relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia-United Arab Emirates?

“By the reports that declared so far about the Israeli relations with the UAE and Saudi Arabia, we can say it’s just the tip of an iceberg. It is clear that there are real interests linking Netanyahu with the regimes in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The full normalization of relations is undoubtedly coming. Also considering Iran’s scarecrow, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi are rushing to preserve the interests of the ruling families in these countries, ignoring interests of their peoples.”

How you seeing Turkey’s policies against Israel and Palestine? How Turkey seeing from Palestine?

“I think the Turkish policy towards the Palestinian issue has far exceeds the ceiling of Arab countries, which should have offered something to the Palestinians. Turkey has done a great deal for the Palestinian cause, although this is under the demands of the Palestinian Authority and the Arab League, which contain a variety segments of the Palestinian people. Turkey’s humanitarian and relief efforts in Palestine are very important. Though what is required, in my opinion, is that Turkey should lead an organized and strategic Islamic work to defend the Palestinians, Furthermore to stop the attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause under the name of the deal of the century.”

This interview published in Intell4 Strategy Channell on May 6, 2019


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