A letter from Uyghurs

Rushan Abbas, Director of Campaign for Uyghurs shared a letter with Ismail Okan. She expressed about Uyghurs problems and called for a strong reaction against Chinese policies in East Turkestan.

Abbas told, “Uyghurs are facing the most tremendous horrific abuses and genocide for being Turkic and for being Muslims” in her letter.

“To combat the backlash from Western Countries that China is receiving for the current Uyghur crisis, the Communist Chinese government is pressuring countries that they have influence over to make public statements showing support of the camps to justify what they are doing and ultimately weaken the western countries who oppose them. This is unsurprising when you look at how countries that are influenced by China act in the United Nations. China is the second largest donor to the UN, which causes economically dependent countries to turn a blind eye to its actions. China has been granting loans and paying for infrastructure projects to poor countries around the globe, knowing that those countries cannot pay them back, as a means to bully them when it comes to their actions in the United Nations and political matters.

The king in waiting for Islam’s holiest land, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed bin Salman went to China earlier this year, and defended the horrendous atrocity of the Uyghur camps by saying ‘China has the right to carry out anti-terrorism and de-extremization work for its national security.’ I’m heartbroken for my sister and the millions of Uyghurs suffering in gulag-style internment camps, whose only crime is being Uyghur Muslims. My sister was a law-binding ordinary citizen living a simple altruistic life. Her personality and social lifestyle don’t embody what the Chinese government describes as its target for these re-education centers. She was a gentle, caring soul. Did Mr. Mohammed bin Salman actually believe a couple of million ordinary people like my sister, and most of the Uyghur intellectuals and famous writers, musicians and educators and may beloved idols are ‘terrorists’ or ‘extremists’? I am very saddened by the venal ruthlessness of the reality that the world communities, especially Muslim brothers and sisters, aren’t taking any actions to stop the Chinese government. It is Ramadan now and Uyghurs are unable to fast again as Islam is completely banned in the region. Where is Islam’s unity as one, and where is the brotherhood to save Muslims from being wiped out?


Did all of our fellow Muslims in the world know that Islam is being called as mental diseases by the Chinese government and they were forced to denounce Islam and swear loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party? That Uyghur Muslims are being forced to eat pork and drink alcohol? Did they know the extent of what it means to ‘sinify’ the entire religion of Islam by the Chinese government using communistic ideologies? Did they know that this claim of ‘endangering China’s national security’ is a pretext to stamp out Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims from Islam? Or did my sister and millions of Uyghurs just become human collateral of trade deals, political negotiations, and economic agreements between countries? If the head of Islamic countries really knew the truth of what is going on, if they only heard the desperate implore of the Uyghurs for survival, I hope they would act to save those innocent Uyghur Muslims.

Islamic Hadith on brotherhood says, ‘The parable of the believers in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever.’

Captive Uyghur Muslims are helplessly expecting death as they wait in a meter-tall steel cage, being served only one meal a day, as the Muslim world holds their breath in anticipation for the gatekeeper of Islam, their Helifah (whoever that could be today), to take action and save them.

Uyghurs see Turkish people as the closest alliances, in many ways such as historically, traditionally and kith and kin. Uyghurs in Diaspora who can’t return to their homeland because of the persecution, so Turkey has become a second home, where we feel the warmth of the people and culture.

Please share this information about the Uyghur crisis with all of your family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. The only way we will build a critical mass of support sufficient to end this persecution is by refusing to be intimidated, refusing to be silenced, and spreading the word as widely as we can. Talk to your imam about it at your Cami and ask if anything can be done to help, such as a Friday sermon or any other opportunities to raise awareness about this. Ask your local government to act.

We look up to the Turkish people as our brothers in blood. When President Erdogan went to Urumchi in 2012, Uyghur people welcomed him and looked up to him as their own leader. Now, Uyghurs are facing the most tremendous horrific abuses and genocide for being Turkic and for being Muslims. Please stand with us. Turkey must act strongly against Chinese disinformation and false propaganda. China is using terrorism as a pretext to continue with genocide. History will remember this atrocity with its supporters and bystanders. Please stand with us.”

This letter published as interview in Intell4 Strategy Channell on May 25, 2019

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