Ismail Okan was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. He studied economy, foreign trade and management but fell in love with literature when he was in highschool. After highschool, he graduated from Radio and Television Department of Istanbul Aydin University. Studied photography, journalism and public relations. Trained in Turkey’s national public broadcaster TRT’s news department. Here he witnessed all bloody sides of Egypt coup. His photo from anti-coup protests in Istanbul, was published in Mexican Revista Fortuna Magazine.

Ismail is Rumi and Khalil Gibran lover. Passionate about journalism and photography. An important name for him on his way was that of French photojournalist Rémi Ochlik (who was killed in February 2012 at the bombardment of Homs during the Syrian Civil War with veteran war correspondent Marie Colvin). Not only Ochlik or Colvin are on his mind, but also Mika Yamamoto, James Foley and more…

Ismail is interested in Balkan, Middle East and Turkish policies. He was a contributor for Turkiye Newspaper and Azerbaijan based regional news portal the Greater Middle East.

* All images and opinions rights reserved in this blog (which materials are not from Ismail Okan specified in articles)

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